Jobs Portfolio

Jobs Portfolio
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Create DateOctober 27, 2017

Create a Portfolio of Jobs with details page and custom shortcodes. Can be used for any form of Job. Website Portfolio, Photography Portfolio, Construction Jobs Portfolio ect…. Standard WordPress display with a Featured Image, Description of the job and additional options, listed below. Comes with Taxonomies such as Categories, Tags and Authors. Authors can be changed to any name, for instance to Engineer throughout the plugin.

Available Posting Options:
• Add Date Start
• Add Date End
• Select Category
• Select Author
• Cost of the job
• Create a Gallery
• Custom HTML Template Field
• Custom CSS Field For Template

For website portfolios, there are additional features to import screenshots of your website jobs. Comes with four various options to import screenshots. Screenshot is importing upon publishing or the loading of a post without a featured image set yet.

If either only the start or end date is entered, it will display “Date: Jan 31st, 1973″ for example, using your date entered. Not either Date Start: or Date End:

Additional Posting Options:
• Enter Website URL
• Show Website URL
• Select Screenshot Service to import
• Update, re-take screenshot
• Set the Screenshot Width
• Set the Screenshot Height
• Set Screenshot Capture Delay (Only available with 2 import options)

Screenshots are imported like any other media file. So they will be available and added to your media library. When updated, or re-taking the screenshot removes the old file completely and add’s a whole new file attachment. This plugin will not load screenshots on each page display using the screenshot services. Only when initially adding or updating.

Plugin Settings
• Change the word Authors throughout the plugin
• Set the default HTML template – Also loaded in each job posting. Can customize each postings HTML.
• Set CSS selectors to images
• Set CSS selectors to website links.
• Set the default CSS for the template – Also loaded in each job posting. Can customize each postings CSS.
• Set the CSS for shortcode display
• Set the CSS for tabbed shortcode display
• Set values for screenshot services
• Set initial value of screenshot import sizes
• Set plugins thumbnail sizes used in shortcode displays
• Set imported screenshots file extension (Only available with 2 import options)

When you add a shortcode with multiple categories or authors, it sets them in a tabbed content. You can only use multiple categories on either Categories or Authors.

Create shortcodes in any post or page editor via TinyMCE button on the editor with a shortcode generator. Shortcodes come with 4 different layouts. Various options of what to show.