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My Comic Collection

My Comic Collection
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    • October 25th, 2019
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Create and manage your comic book collection.

About My Comic Collection

The idea behind this plugin is to track, organize and display your comic book collection. You can also create and maintain comics you want to add to your collection. Create and maintain your pull list and budget on weekly comic book purchases by planning ahead and create weekly lists.

Using My Comic Collection

There are two ways of adding comics.

1. Importing Comics
Requires a Comic Vine API key. Search for a title and import issues. Comics already in your list will not re-appear in results returning the images and options.

Comics often appear in the Comic Vine database the Thursday after comics are released.

When adding comics through importing, you must select at least 1 copy to be added. Checking any of the checkboxes will automatically set the copies to one if not already set. You can also just use the 'Add Issues' button on the 'All Comics' page to quickly jump to and load the issues of that title once some are added through the import.

• To keep load times at a minimal, only 10 comics per title is returned. There will be a select menu to easily jump to other issues. Upon saving comics, you have options to return or jump to the next or previous 10 comics, if available.

• All covers may not be available. If the cover you want to add is not there, just check one and save it. Then find the cover image and replace the image with the one you imported.

• It can find out if a comic is a variant, but does not know if it is a ratio comic or a standard variant. So you will have to select the right type of variant.

• It also may not always return the right printing of a comic. So make sure you select the correct printing. Some instances it may be a 3rd printing, but returns as 2nd.

• Images are imported into your WordPress when they are added. Images are grabed from pages like this one here: Daredevil #612. This is how the plugin gets variants and printings.

The pages are only fetched once you check the issue number to get the images and I store the image URL in the form. When saving an issue, the plugin then fetches a copy of the image and imports it into your wordpress media library.

2. Add Comic
This is usually a last resort if the Import Comic Page can not find the title or for some other reason. When you add a comic manually, you will have to find the cover image yourself. You will also have to make sure the Title and Publisher have already been added. If not, you will then have to add them yourself before adding the comic.

Titles of comics are stored as the following if the values are present: Title Issue (1:25, 1:50 or Variant - 2nd Printing)


This is where you add all the different publishers for comics.
When adding comics through the Import Comics page, publishers are automatically added.


This is where you add all the different titles for comics as well as select who their publisher is.
When adding comics through the Import Comics page, titles are automatically added.

Before manually adding a comic, you must make sure you have added the title. This also goes for creating coming soon lists.


Here is where you can create a series to store comic titles under.

For example, if you have 5 different Wolverine titles, you can create a series called Wolverine. Then you add all those Wolverine titles to that series.

1. Create A series
2. Find and edit a title and select the series.

Wanted Comics

Wanted comics is a page to show as well as keep track of comics you are looking for.

Adding Wanted Comics
• Either search for them through import comics or manually add them.
• When searching for them through import comics, you must check the Wanted checkbox.
• When manually adding comics, just check the wanted checkbox.

Coming Soon List

Coming Soon page is a list of comics you have coming in the future. The lists consist New Comic Book Day (Wednesday) dates and what comics you have coming that day. This page will also display a total cost of all coming soon. As you use days, those days are removed as an option when adding a new list.

This is also a good way to manage and budget your exspenses on comics.

Adding Coming Soon Lists
• Click Add Coming Soon
• Select a date, which displays every Wednesday for the next four months.
• Start adding comics.

You may need to add the title and connect the publisher if it does not appear in the dropdown.

Pull List

Display a pull list separated by publishers with titles below them in alphabetical order. Just edit a title and check the box that states it is in a pull list. This is optional and is displayed on the coming soon page.


The first three shortcodes will display Stats, Navigation and Lists
[comic_list show="list"] Display your comic collection.
[comic_list show="coming"] Display your coming soon list.
[comic_list show="wanted"] Display your wanted list.

To only show the lists without Stats and Navigation:
[comic_list show="list" loc="bottom"]
[comic_list show="coming" loc="bottom"]
[comic_list show="wanted" loc="bottom"]

[comic_list loc="top"] Displays both Stats and Navigation.
[comic_list loc="stats"] Display only the Stats.
[comic_list loc="nav"] Display only the navigation.

[comic_gallery] Display all comic covers in a gallery.
[comic_gallery perrow=5] Show five images per row, the default.
[comic_gallery publisher=ID] Display all comic covers from a publisher in a gallery.
[comic_gallery publisher=ID perrow=5] Display five comic covers per row from a publisher.
You can get the shortcode to a publisher when viewing Comic Publishers.

The plugin auto generates the various publisher pages without the need to add or create any additional pages. Just add the shortcode to show your collection, the plugin does the rest.